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Pundel vins purs

Saturday, 2. & Sunday, 3. December 2023

  • Raclette Table (39€)
  • Cheese staircase with 10 cheeses (32€)

Wine and crémant (not included in the price)

The cheese staircase – an exciting alternative to the cheese platter …

  • Presentation of 10 individual cheese specialities from the Greater Region
  • Produced exclusively by farm and country cheese producers
  • using traditional artisan methods
  • each in ascending order from mild to strong
  • Served with bread and various dips
  • Perfect enjoyment in combination with the wines and crémants of our winery

The Moselle raclette table – not only Switzerland can do raclette…

  • Enjoying wine while savouring cheese at the rustic outdoor raclette table …
  • a fine selection of cheeses exclusively from cheese dairies in our large region
  • including the excellent LeValet raclette cheese, made from raw milk according to the original Swiss recipe
  • A wide range of additional ingredients awaits you at the raclette buffet – potatoes, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.
  • put together your raclette pans in several rounds according to your individual wishes
  • and enjoy putting together completely new and unusual raclette creations

A regional gourmet co-operation

by Pit Pundel and cheese sommelier Wolfgang Fusenig

Gourmet event manufactory Moselle cheese event www.mosel-kaese-event.de


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50, Wengertswee
L-5485 Wormeldange-Haut